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  1. Robert Stockwell
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    My dear old Mom for years swore by use of Rotenone. My understanding (now read misunderstanding) was that Rotenone pwdr could be used right up to one day of harvest. Since it was in pwdr form and no spray/surfactents were involved it washed off easily with usual cleaning/rinsing operations in the kitchen before meal preps or storage operations. Quite a shock to read that it has been linked to Parkinson’s for about past 12 years. My supply from the garden shed is now gone and in searching for replacement bag I came across many mentions that it had been discontinued. Talk about surprised … I had been using my supply for at least past 10 garden seasons. Is there any replacement natural insecticide for home gardeners. I’ve always used diatamized earth pwdr in the chicken coop but it doesn’t seem to do much for turnip leaf beetles, broccoli/cabbage worms or root maggots that savage my bok choy. Am hoping that there is some form of pwdr or spray. Many thanks in advance. Robert Stockwell, Sundre, Alberta, Canada

    1. Chuck Benbrook
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      Likely best replacement is spinosad, especially for worm stage of insects.


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