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Dicamba Drift Damage Update

Here’s a quick update on the ongoing dicamba drift crisis unfolding across the Midwest and Midsouth. The “Herbicides in the Midwest” project  has produced detailed timelines of developments with dicamba-resistant crops, including what we call “Dicamba Watch,” a dynamic presentation of this unfolding drama that is available in both condensed and comprehensive versions.  For media […]

Biotech Industry-Funded Bootcamps for Journalists – A Legit Investment in “Sound Science”?

Paul Thacker’s latest piece on biotech industry efforts to influence media coverage and discredit scientists who raise questions about the impact of GE crops appears in The Progressive and is entitled “Flacking for GMOs: How the Biotech Industry Cultivates Positive Media.” Thacker tells the story of the genesis and funding of two “bootcamps” for science […]