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Climate Change

  • New science on climate change, aquaculture and global food security in Nature: Ecology & Evolution (2018)
  • Wheat genetics research shows great adaptability and hope for crops resilient to climate change, as reported in August 2018 in ScienceDaily
  • NPR reports in August 2018 on concern over reduced nutrient availability caused by our changing climate
  • A solution-oriented look at carbon sequestration on ranch lands, summer 2018
  • Scientists with the European Commission develop a new predictive model that shows that soil organic carbon stocks will increase in Europe by 2050 with expected land use patterns. They report that changing cropland to grassland sequesters the same amount of carbon as planting tress on old farm fields. Does this give new hope that changes in ag practices (grassmilk dairies, anyone?) can result in meaningful amounts of carbon sequestration, perhaps even mitigating the impacts of climate change? Read their study published in 2016 in Science of the Total Environment here.



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