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2018 Grassmilk Paper — Photo Library

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The Future of Food

Why Focus on the Future of Food? Weed Management Next-Gen Herbicides Space-Age Tillage Tools Robotics and AI How Best to Breed and Grow Healthy Plants Conventional Breeding Biotech Gene Silencing, CRISPR et al “New Age” Industrial Food Lab-Grown Meat Nutrition — Toward Healthier Fats High-Oleic Soybeans Producing Milk High in Healthy Fats Why Focus on […]

“Enhancing the Fatty Acid Profile of Milk through Forage-Based Rations, with Nutrition Modeling of Diet Outcomes”

Co-Authors Charles M. Benbrook, Donald R. Davis, Bradley J. Heins, Maged A. Latif, Carlo Leifert, Logan Peterman, Gillian Butler, Ole Faergeman, Silvia Abel-Caines, Marcin Baranski Published January 2018 in Food Science and Nutrition Access full paper; free Press Release Media Coverage Highlights Key Findings: Prezi and PowerPoint Presentations Video Shorts Resources: FAQs About the Study […]

Natural Resources

See also: Environmental, Human Health, and Other Impacts of Pesticides General 2018 story on KQED about the impacts of industrial ag on air quality, “Crops May Contribute More to California’s Smog Than Previously Thought” 2015 paper in PeerJ  “Significance and value of non-traded ecosystem services on farmland” “Sustainability of three apple production systems,” 2001 article in Nature […]

Organic vs. Conventional Foods

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