Weed Resistance

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  • Scientists try and unravel the “wicked problem” of pesticide resistance in this 2018 commentary in Science
  • Escaped GE crops have also become pests for some American farmers, in Oregon ranchers battle against glyphosate-resistant bentgrass.  It was developed for golf courses but never approved for commercial use as it was just too difficult to contain.  Seed escaped from experimental fields in Oregon and Washington and now clogs irrigation ditches and irritates farmers and weed control experts alike.  Read this excellent piece for more on this story
  • 2018 paper looks at lessons learned from ag biotech regulations, with a focus on glyphosate-resistant weeds, access via blog here
  • Check out a new machine that destroys weeds by crushing seeds, which may be a non-herbicide option for weed control
  • Paper published in 2018 in PNAS makes big strides in understanding the development of glyphosate resistance pigeweed
  • In 2018, UK researchers call for reduced reliance on chemical control after an “epidemic” of resistant weeds spreads through the isles
  • More Bad News on the Resistant Weed Front, blog post on 2017 outlook for weed control in the Midwest
  • Canadians are stuck dealing with glyphosate-resistant waterhemp, an unwelcome US import, as this 2017 Hot Science post reports, while this one sums up a Farm Industry News story about this monster weed’s “brutal math.”  Just one female plant per every 100 square feet would mean a production of over 87 million seeds per acre- quite the battle for our Midwestern farmers.