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  1. Dennis Miller
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    USDA bought off once again by the large corporations exploiting greed. I guarantee what ever person that made the final decision has never set foot inside a confined poultry house. I quit growing commercial broilers for a major integrator and was scared to grow organic. It’s unbelievable. Bird density was reduced, no coccidiastats, or medication and birds are allowed outside. Birds are healthier and happier. The weight increased by 200% and mortality decreased to the point that it’s actually fun to walk the houses. The large integrators can’t get the rules to work on their favor. They have houses jammed beside one another and don’t have the space to turn the chickens out in the grass because it’s allgravel and dirt needed for large vehicles. We clean manure out between flocks and don’t use chemicals for litter amendments like integrators force their producers to use. The environment in my houses is great and natural with new pine shavings or switch grass when starting baby chicks. The cost of producing these birds is higher but only due to feed costs. Supply of organic grain is a limiting factor and the feed mill must be dedicated to that feed production. That’s another inconvenience for the large integrators. USDA better observe the consumer demand and market. I suppose it was an inconvenience for the large super market chains like Walmart but they have accomplished the task. Again the small farmer is being crushed by our government due to corporate greed Why is the small family farmer that is producing what the consumer wants punished by the clout of the wealthy owners of the large corporations swaying USDA in their favor! I was taught our government was of by and for the people.


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