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Hygeia Analytics – Who We Are

The Hygeia Analytics Team About Dr. Benbrook List of Dr. Benbrook’s Peer-Reviewed Publications Dr. Benbrook’s Participation in Congressional Hearings See also: About Hygeia Analytics Site Map and Keywords Why Hygeia? Thoughts on Funding and “Sound Science” Acronyms and Glossary The Hygeia Analytics Team The original content of Hygeia Analytics, and narrative presented without attribution to […]

Alternatives to Industrial Ag

Introduction Diversified Cropping Systems Organic Farming See also: Yields- Organic vs. Conventional Introduction Modern industrial agriculture relies heavily on large, monoculture fields with the two main crops- corn and soybeans- grown on a two-year rotation.  Chemical herbicides and fertilizers are heavily used to support this intensive agriculture.  Extensive herbicide use leads to weed resistance and […]