Dicamba Drift Damage Update

Here’s a quick update on the ongoing dicamba drift crisis unfolding across the Midwest and Midsouth.

The “Herbicides in the Midwest” project  has produced detailed timelines of developments with dicamba-resistant crops, including what we call “Dicamba Watch,” a dynamic presentation of this unfolding drama that is available in both condensed and comprehensive versions.  For media coverage, Reuters has done a solid, comprehensive job covering the unfolding dicamba debacle- see this link to relevant articles from the Herbicides in the Midwest project bibliography.

For more on dicamba herbicides, see the Dicamba Diary:

  •      Part I  covers its discovery and commercialization.
  •      Part II provides details on dicamba’s regulatory history, and shows that current uses are likely pushing exposures to or above what EPA would normally accept.
  •      Part III covers trends in dicamba use.

Please have a look and share/pass around. And for a really deep dive into the many warnings about dicamba’s threat to non-target crops, issued years ago, see Steve Smith’s compelling guest blog.

View the condensed version of the “Dicamba Watch” Prezi below.

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