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  1. Dr Prakash
    Dr Prakash at |

    Thanks for bringing truth and great comments on the Glyphosate, which should really be banned. EPA Should seriously look into this matter and ban the production, use and export of such technologies and products which are really detrimental to the health of Planet Earth.

    1. Chuck Benbrook
      Chuck Benbrook at |

      A full ban is very unlikely given the current state of science and degree of reliance on glyphosate, but why the food industry and farm groups do not insist that regulators worldwide end the pre-harvest uses escapes me. No one knows for sure, but I suspect that pre-harvest uses account for at least 50% of dietary exposure (and maybe over 90%), but such uses account for just a few percent of total use. Plus, the economic return to pre-harvest uses is iffy and often negative, and surely is not necessary.


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