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Three Ways to Calculate DRI Values

For a given pesticide-food combination, the DRI-Mean (DRI-M) is calculated based on the “mean of the positives” residue level. Process From all samples of a given food tested in a given year, the DRI system selects those samples with a quantified residue of each pesticide. Then, across just these positive samples, the system calculates the […]

2020 Dietary Risk Index Paper in “Environmental Health”

“The dietary risk index system: a tool to track pesticide dietary risks” Co-authors: Charles Benbrook and Don Davis Published: October 14, 2020 in Environmental Health.  Full Citation: Benbrook, Charles M., & Davis, Donald R.; “The dietary risk index system: a tool to track pesticide dietary risks;” Environmental Health, 2020, 19(1); DOI: 10.1186/s12940-020-00657-z. Access the full-text […]

DRI Results and How to Interpret Them

Interpreting DRI Values How Risky is that Residue? Accounting for Residues of the Same Pesticide on Multiple Foods DRI Results – Tracking Differences in Pesticide Dietary Risks DRI Parameters Aggregating DRI Values DRI Output Reports Limits of the DRI More DRI Resources Interpreting DRI Values The DRI system provides three different measurements of pesticide dietary […]