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Keywords Site Map Keywords Navigate the extensive content throughout Hygeia Analytics with the following keywords.  Click on the link below to access Hygeia content and pdf resources related to each keyword. 2,4-D, About Hygeia, Animals, Antibiotics, Antioxidants, Aquaculture, Bees, Bt, Cancer Risks, Children, Climate Change, Dairy, Dicamba, Dietary Risks, Economics, Environmental Impacts, Farmworkers, Fat, Food Security, GE Impacts on […]

Pesticide Use Indicators

Rate of Application Metrics Measures of the Extent of Use Limits of “Pounds Applied” Measures of Total Use by Type of Pesticide Measures of Total Pesticide Use Measuring Other Impacts Associated With Pesticide Use The most common metric of “pesticide use” is the pounds of active ingredient applied in a given year on an acre […]

The Dietary Risk Index (DRI)

The Dietary Risk Index, or DRI, is a complex analytical system that quantifies the relative risks stemming from pesticides in food. The DRI value for a given food-pesticide combination takes into account the level of residues in the food, the chronic toxicity of the pesticide, and the typical number of grams in a single serving […]