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Risks Posed by Applications of CRISPR Technology in Plant Breeding

The pesticide-seed-biotech industry is rushing to corner the patent – and PR — market on CRISPR technologies used to silence, or turn up, the expression of genes in plants or animals. The rapidly growing gene-editing toolkit has innate advantages over first-generation genetically engineered (GE) plants. First-gen GE crops were developed by forcibly moving foreign DNA […]

The Future of Food

Why Focus on the Future of Food? Weed Management Next-Gen Herbicides Space-Age Tillage Tools Robotics and AI How Best to Breed and Grow Healthy Plants Conventional Breeding Biotech Gene Silencing, CRISPR et al “New Age” Industrial Food Lab-Grown Meat Nutrition — Toward Healthier Fats High-Oleic Soybeans Producing Milk High in Healthy Fats Why Focus on […]