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Pesticide Use Indicators

Rate of Application Metrics Measures of the Extent of Use Limits of “Pounds Applied” Measures of Total Use by Type of Pesticide Measures of Total Pesticide Use Measuring Other Impacts Associated With Pesticide Use The most common metric of “pesticide use” is the pounds of active ingredient applied in a given year on an acre […]

Environmental, Human Health, and Other Impacts of Pesticides

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FAQ- Meta-Analysis on Nutritional Quality of Crops

Frequently Asked Questions About the Study: “Higher antioxidant concentrations and less cadmium and pesticide residues in organically grown crops: a systematic literature review and meta-analyses” published in British Journal of Nutrition (BJN) on July 11, 2014 Authors: Marcin Barański, Dominika Średnicka-Tober, Nikolaos Volakakis, Chris Seal, Roy Sanderson, Gavin B. Stewart, Charles Benbrook, Bruno Biavati, Emilia […]

Funding and “Sound Science”

Hygeia Analytics Funding Thoughts on Funding and Scientific Integrity Chronology of Dr. Benbrook’s Work and Funding The New York Times Weighs In The Impact of Funding on Dr. Benbrook’s Work Special Interest Science Must – and Can — Earn the Benefit of Doubt See also: About Hygeia Analytics Site Map and Keywords Hygeia Analytics- Who […]

Impacts of GE on Pesticide Use

Click here to view additional related posts Impacts on Herbicide Use Impacts on Insecticide Use Net Impacts of GE Crop Technology 2012 Environmental Sciences Europe Paper Glyphosate Use 2,4-D and Dicamba Herbicide Timelines Dynamic Presentations Pesticide use encompasses the applications of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, soil fumigants, and several other types of pesticides targeting other organisms. […]