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The Future of Food

Why Focus on the Future of Food? Weed Management Next-Gen Herbicides Space-Age Tillage Tools Robotics and AI How Best to Breed and Grow Healthy Plants Conventional Breeding Biotech Gene Silencing, CRISPR et al “New Age” Industrial Food Lab-Grown Meat Nutrition — Toward Healthier Fats High-Oleic Soybeans Producing Milk High in Healthy Fats Why Focus on […]

Keywords and Site Map

Keywords Site Map Keywords Navigate the extensive content throughout Hygeia Analytics with the following keywords.  Click on the link below to access Hygeia content and pdf resources related to each keyword. 2,4-D, About Hygeia, Animals, Antibiotics, Antioxidants, Aquaculture, Bees, Bt, Cancer Risks, Children, Climate Change, Dairy, Dicamba, Dietary Risks, Economics, Environmental Impacts, Farmworkers, Fat, Food Security, GE Impacts on […]

PUDS – The Pesticide Use Data System

Introduction PUDS Methodology and Data Sources Dealing With Data Gaps Conglomerates Dealing With Missing Years Further Issues Access the Pesticide Use Data System (PUDS) HERE See also: Pesticides Introduction Pesticide Usage  Dietary Risks of Pesticides The Dietary Risk Index  Impacts of GE on Pesticide Use Environmental and Other Impacts of Pesticides Introduction PUDS provides access […]