Chlorpyrifos Litigation: Hard to Find and Historical Documents

Dr. Benbrook is serving as an expert witness for plaintiffs in litigation involving the contribution of exposures to chlorpyrifos insecticides to neurodevelopmental outcomes in children. Several public documents cited in Dr. Benbrook’s expert report are not available online or are difficult to find. Hygeia Analytics is pleased to make these documents available to anyone wishing to better understand efforts underway since the 1980s to better understand and mitigate chlorpyrifos risks.

Many of the documents posted below are cited in the March 6, 2021 comments submitted by Dr. Benbrook to the EPA Docket-HQ-OPP-2008-0850-0964 (#1 on the list below). This docket contains public comments on chlorpyrifos Interim Reregistration Eligibility Document (IRED) produced by the Trump EPA.

  1. Benbrook comments to the EPA, 2021
  2. Consumers Union comments and reports relative to the implementation of the FQPA
  3. Consumers Union, NRDC comments on chlorpyrifos
  4. The FQPA implementation process
  5. EPA Office of the Inspector General, “Measuring the Impact of the Food Quality Protection Act: Challenges and Opportunities Report No. 2006-P-00028;” August 1, 2006
  6. EPA Tolerance Documents