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The Dietary Risk Index (DRI)

The Dietary Risk Index, or DRI, is a complex analytical system that quantifies the relative risks stemming from pesticides in food. The DRI value for a given food-pesticide combination takes into account the level of residues in the food, the chronic toxicity of the pesticide, and the typical number of grams in a single serving […]

FAQ- Meta-Analysis on Nutritional Quality of Crops

Frequently Asked Questions About the Study: “Higher antioxidant concentrations and less cadmium and pesticide residues in organically grown crops: a systematic literature review and meta-analyses” published in British Journal of Nutrition (BJN) on July 11, 2014 Authors: Marcin Barański, Dominika Średnicka-Tober, Nikolaos Volakakis, Chris Seal, Roy Sanderson, Gavin B. Stewart, Charles Benbrook, Bruno Biavati, Emilia […]

Organic vs. Conventional Foods

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Funding and “Sound Science”

Hygeia Analytics Funding Thoughts on Funding and Scientific Integrity Chronology of Dr. Benbrook’s Work and Funding The New York Times Weighs In The Impact of Funding on Dr. Benbrook’s Work Special Interest Science Must – and Can — Earn the Benefit of Doubt See also: About Hygeia Analytics Site Map and Keywords Hygeia Analytics- Who […]

Hygeia Analytics – Who We Are

The Hygeia Analytics Team About Dr. Benbrook List of Dr. Benbrook’s Peer-Reviewed Publications Dr. Benbrook’s Participation in Congressional Hearings See also: About Hygeia Analytics Site Map and Keywords Why Hygeia? Thoughts on Funding and “Sound Science” Acronyms and Glossary The Hygeia Analytics Team The original content of Hygeia Analytics, and narrative presented without attribution to […]

Pesticide Dietary Risks

This graphic illustrates the six key factors that drive pesticide dietary exposure. Historically, excessive dietary exposure and risk has been the predominant reason why the EPA has taken action to reduce the use of an already-registered pesticide. Likewise, the data required and depth of analysis conducted by EPA is far greater in the case of […]

Ag Biotech

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