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Marketing, Economics, and Public Relations

Click here to view additional related posts Historical Documents Other Resources Historical Documents 1998 ISB Newsletter story on Monsanto ag biotech acquisitions DuPont Press Release on 1999 merger with Pioneer Hi-Bred International, Inc. “Genetically Engineered Confusion” editorial in the Washington Post, 1999 Open Letter from Monsanto CEO to Rockefeller Foundation President on sterile seed technologies, 1999 “Biotechnology […]

Weed Resistance

Historical Documents Other Resources Historical Documents “Herbicide-Resistant Weed May Invade Pennsylvania Crops,” Penn State News, 2003 Other Resources Scientists try and unravel the “wicked problem” of pesticide resistance in this 2018 commentary in Science Escaped GE crops have also become pests for some American farmers, in Oregon ranchers battle against glyphosate-resistant bentgrass.  It was developed for […]